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United Spiritual Healers


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I am a member of the United Spiritual Healers - Our group meets in Troon every second Tuesday in the month to give, receive and learn about healing.  We meet at Troon's Holistic and Wellbeing Centre from 7pm - 9pm. So thats tomorrow night. ( 14/02/2017 ) 

We believe that we all have an inborn healing ability. We believe that there is a spiritual dimension to life, into which we can pass requests for healing. This healing can be requested for a local or distant patient. Distant healing has been proven to be highly effective. When working locally, the Healer is able to sense the healing as it is taking place. The Healer is able to assist local healing. Although this process is not fully understood, this very probably involves the use of the Healer’s spirit and energy fields. Training enhances this natural healing ability.

Would you like to ...

Unfold your inborn healing abilities?
Discover more about spirituality?
Be a member of a national organisation?
Be able to work in hospitals and hospices?
Mix with groups of like-minded people?

If so give me a wee call to find out more on 07790031010 or why not come along tomorrow night ? 

Love and light 

Gemma Collins x x x 

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